Keeping it CREEPY

It’s that time of the year kiddies. HALLOWEEN TIME! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been slamming down the Halloween / Pumpkin goodness since the Pumpkin Spice Latte returned. HOORAY! Truthfully, I guess I’ve been celebrating since July. All this artwork and line was being worked on or finished then.This is always my favorite time of year. I spent all of the month of September looking for new decor and glorious treats. Which I will be covering in future blogs! That’s right in the month of October, I will be blogging weekly if not more about a bunch of topics. The conventions I am doing. My decorating. My treats and pumpkin goodies I made. Recipes, flops of the season, best of of the season. So so so much!



But let’s talk about this new stuff. There’s a butt load. Looking back on last year, I did 3 posters, a candle, a baseball shirt, 2 pocket shirts, a jacket, and 6 t-shirts, a tote bag, and 3 pins. This year is sort of the same. Before we get into that breakdown, let’s talk about what ISN’T going to be there. Pinheads, I’ll be honest, I most likely will not be doing pins anymore. It’s a massively oversaturated market. I wasn’t going to do anymore after the TMNT line, but I had the Ghostbusters ones lined up for over a year. Those were probably it. I don’t want to be that butthole and say NEVER AGAIN, and then a year later pop up with something. So no pins this year. (and probably ever)

POSTERS, I will elaborate on this a little more after October, when I’m done being excited for the season and people actually want to read and have questions answered. Back in August, Merchline switched their shipping operation and moved over to a new and more improved, faster, and CHEAPER, shipping option. Downside for you? No posters. The new place will not ship odd shaped items. They consider a poster tube, oversized. Plus each item is prepackage. So let’s say you order 2-3 posters. It won’t come in 1 tube. They’d all be prepackaged to 1 poster per tube and the shipping price will be outrageous. So they just don’t offer it. So, no more posters. BUT there is a service that is integrated through my store that will allow me to do posters, on a print on demand basis. So, what does that mean?

The good news. Any and all designs (I see fit of course) will now be available as posters. (and are available now! check out the POSTERS link on the site, OR CLICK HERE) I am going to frequently add as much as I can to the new and improved poster section, when time permits. The 4 new Halloween line posters WILL be available IMMEDIATELY. The prints are BRIGHTER than the past posters and they will be shipped by people who ship posters for a living. So more poster options, LOADS of poster options. Shipped by professionals. The bad news? No more screen prints. Which is fine, I only did screen prints for gallery shows and put my artist copies in the webstore. What is bad, is that they will no longer come signed and numbered. They won’t be limited. The other downside is the pricing had to go up. If you know anything about business, the more you buy, the cheaper it is. Since this is a print on demand and not bulk printing like I used to do. The pricing went up 5 dollars per poster. In the 10 years I have been a brand, I haven’t overcharged or even raised my prices and have always been fair. Hoping that this will be embraced and welcomed and not scoffed at.

So let’s talk about the posters. First! 2 of the designs are obviously just shirt designs in print form. Nothing much to talk about here. The other 2, are original, intended to be posters. Fellow horror friend and bud of mine, Garret Rapp, of The Color Morale, NOT NAME DROPPING, He asked me to do it! Ha! Had been asking me, literally for almost 2 years to do a Nightmare 4 poster. He has a major crush on Lisa Wilcox. I promised I would do it this Halloween. I absolutely love this poster. I wanted to do something that screamed MTV, like my Brainscan poster from 2013. The theme of the poster, is of course the obvious late 80’s / early 90’s color scheme. I also wanted to play off Alice’s mirror. A bunch of collaged photos arranged awkwardly. I also channeled yearbook vibes for this. I wanted this to be MTV, Skater, 90210, just vomited on paper. It’s one of the most fun posters I’ve done. Super Sk8 or Die. 

The other poster was for Lost Boys. I did the Nightmare poster first, and after doing all the rips and tears, I wanted to carry the same vibe over to this one. If you remember, in this movie, there is a billboard of lost / missing persons. It just seemed perfect. So I hand ripped and xeroxed this entire design (minus David on the bottom) then scanned it, and then cropped to fit the scale. This poster is MASSIVE. It’s one of my favorites. Collaging is one of my favorite mediums, and in my opinion is one of my strong suits. This poster is right up there for me, as one of my best pieces.

As always, there is always time constraints. I never talked about this last year (I don’t think) but I was going to do an Ernest Scared Stupid and Dawn of the Dead remake poster. This year, I was going to do From Dusk Till Dawn and Scream. Somewhere down the line I’ll hammer them out. Maybe those can be the posters for next year? Hmmmmm.

The inspiration this year was definitely a nostalgic brand based vibe. In March of this year. I lost my entire archive and work of my ENTIRE career. No joke. All of it gone. I was able to get some files back and with the help of my previous store, Merchnow, they were able to help me recover a lot of artwork from Electric Zombie. It was the most devastating thing that could happened to me, or really anyone really. It was a nightmare. I saw a lot of designs from the past, that were great, but would be better if they were redrawn. So I decided to bring back 3 designs, just redone and reimagined. I designed the David / Lost Boys design, while on a tour bus with New Found Glory in 2011. I worked on poster for that film this year for the release, and thought, “I should redo that design. It’s a great design.” I have come a long way since then, so I kept the same look and vibe and spruced it up. It’s cleaner, but super gritty where it counts. The text looks better. The blood is more realistic and natural. If you loved the original, you’ll dig the crap out of this one. The next one was the Freddy one, I decided against adding the wish you were HER and completely took out the girl screaming in the glasses. The one from 4 years ago, was just so messy and grungy, and sloppy. For it’s time, it was great. This idea came about, just like The Lost Boys one, I thought, “I’m doing a poster for the film, let’s tie it all together.” While this is more of a summery vibe design, this was the time to come out with it. Overall, when I look at this line. It’s a Halloween release, that looks like a summer line. Which is great, because there wasn’t a summer line this year. It was all TMNT based. The last reVAMP is a Predator redo. The original was done by the same person who did the last Freddy design I redid. It was just too messy. Makes sense for Predator, but it just isn’t the vibe I am into anymore with the brand. I have this image of a catalog of Dark Horse comic shirts. It was an order form ad, there was a shirt that looked like this one. Back in the 90s, neon colored comic shirts were the jam. With Mask-er-ad having the same inspiration, this was a no brainer. It looks so good on vintage black. People will swear this shirt WAS from the 90’s.

Another inspiration from past work, was the old Monster Munchies poster set, I did in 2013. I just love the idea of a house hold item / thing being sort of possessed. The idea was to take a can of Ecto Plazm and throw it in a blender with Fearsome Flush and give it the look of the Monster Munchies and old Monster in my Pocket packaging. This design just encompasses what Electric Zombie is all about. This design IS me to a T. 

I mentioned Mask-er-ad before. Of course I had to do a part 2! There were so many good characters I missed out on last time. This one was pretty fun to do. I love taking things and giving it a facelift. Which is the main theme it seems of this line. Will there be a part 3? Doubtful. But! I might do an Ultimate Edition next year, with all the masks on 1 poster and perhaps a new shirt or Hoodie with all the masks as well.

J.J. Jason design. This was one of the VERY first EZ ideas I ever had. I had a bunch of the old comics and just the covers from those things really stuck with me. I debated waiting to release this on another Friday the 13th, but decided that because none of the Friday Films are on my Halloween Watch list, to just put it out now. It’s pretty awesome to put out an idea that you have been sitting on for almost 10 years. 

I’ve been getting a few raised eyebrows about the video game shirt. Why is such and such and so and so on it. Listen, calm down. Not everyone likes what you like. It’s not about picking or favoring characters. This was inspired by the game Terrordrome. They had some awesome characters and weapons that I HAD to pull from. But there are things involved in a design, that isn’t all based on who is cooler, who is more popular or loved. It’s about size, scale, ink colors and matching colors, and overall aesthetic. Pinhead sucks, sorry, Candyman, is just ok. You have to have the main slashers. If the squares at the bottom are smaller, you should put the “smaller” killers, or those who have great looking faces. The top was reserved for the coolest weapons and costumes. So everyone calm down, and stop being snooty with who should be on what. It’s a great design and I am super excited to finally get this out there. It seems like every year I put out 1 video game themed design and this was the perfect way to put something out that I am both inspired by and collage together a perfect mash up of great looking characters.

Speaking of Monster Mash ups. How glorious is the Secret of The Ecto Cooler design? Monster Squad meets The Real Ghostbusters. Themed around the Secret of the Ooze movie poster. Everyone was sorta, “What’s up with the can?” when Ecto Cooler came back. So since I used 80’s themed monsters, and Real Ghostbusters, I felt it was appropriate to have them ask the same question, “What’s up with the can?”. This might be one of my favorite all time EZ designs.

CUSTOM ITEM TIME! No, no sweet jackets this year. I have an idea for something next year. SHHHH. Originally I was going to come out with a full on Pajama set. With a shirt and all. When I got the samples and put them on all together. It was a skeleton overkill. Mocked up it looked great. I made the decision to just run with the bottoms, instead of the shirts, is because the last thing I need is another damn shirt! These pajamas aren’t your typical jersey / t-shirt material pants. They’re more like a flannel feel. Thicker. they’re a bit longer legged. I’m 6 foot and wear a small. The width is great. If you are shorter, then the width is going to be more standard and baggy. But if you are tall and skinny, these are the perfect skinny legged width. They also have an elastic band and not a draw string. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a draw string and had to fish it back through with a safety pin. When it gets chilly, these are a go to. Paired with the socks, it’s a comfort overload. 

I also brought back CREEP FEET. The last pair came out in 2009, YOU HEARD THAT RIGHT. 2009. I remember it like yesterday. Rainy Bamboozle, and I was the only one selling socks. I made a killing. But 7 years later and this super spooky skull design, it was time to bring back socks. It was another opportunity to do my favorite thing with the brand, Packaging. Since there were no pins, this was my chance to show my love for lettering and packaging overall. I’m hoping that Creep Feet will be one of those products that stick around. I want to try and create original nasty themed ones, and nothing that’s been done or from something. I can’t wait to slide my toes in these suckers. If it ever cools down. DAMN YOU FLORIDA!

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Last but not least, THE CANDLE. Man oh man, this candle. I wasn’t sure if anything would top last year’s but here it is. FRANKEN BURIED. Aesthetically, the BEST of the monster cereals. I may be partial to Boo Berry, taste wise, but Frankenberry is the eye candy winner here. I could put a bowl of that on a table with no milk and be considered a interior Halloween design master of disaster. That’s all you need. It’s a marshmallow scented candle. The label, is colored around the boxes of cereal, and the Candle color itself, is based on the ghost cereal pieces. This was a fun one to make, and even to shoot for product shots. I can’t get over how the thing looks, let alone how it smells! This is a must have for the Halloween season, especially since the new box art from General Mills, isn’t very spooky at all.

Overall, this was a super spooky release. I got to time travel and unearth and renovate some old designs. This isn’t the first time I “REANIMATED” past products. I got to bring back older accessories. (7 years since the last pair of socks, and 4 years since the last pair of pajamas) I just went over the top and just fit what I could fit and make work without going overboard. It was a great challenge to take and conquer. Most items ship immediately. Secrets, Creep Feet, and the pajamas, are all a preorder. Please see the product pages and read the description for all the details. Make sure you follow me on social media (links below) to keep up to date with the brand up coming blogs and releases and other spooktacular eye candy as well as pumpkin flavored treats and most importantly DON’T FORGET TO CHECK YOUR CANDY!