It’s day 2 of the week of turtle blogs. This one will be considerably shorter and less ranty. Although, I shouldn’t really promise that, as today’s write up is about one of my favorite things…FOOD! Let’s dig in!



Yesterday I touched on how this new movie has brought products that came out in the 90’s, Making it’s way back into a time leap of almost 20 years. We’re getting all new versions of past favorites. Sadly, there are no turtle pies, or crunchabungas, or frozen pizzas. But we are getting some of those favorite past times in the present.

Everyone will probably nay say everything. But Mr.Negative (me), is wildly optimistic for these products. Maybe I’m just clouded by my turtle love, that I can’t properly judge. 

Popsicles!  You can still get the old turtle ice cream bars, which are technically not even ice cream bars at all. I have only been able to find the Raph color way. Although, I have seen people post a Donnie variant. Not that I will be on a further hunt for these, as I tried one a few months back and YUCK! These things taste like cherry cough syrup. I tossed the nostalgia stock pile I collected into the dumpster, quicker than Shredder, a few months back. I’m using freezer burn as my excuse so the decision doesn’t come off as a blasphemous one.


Our saving grace, are these generic pops that are color schemed to the turtles. They don’t have a cool shape, or any cool branding. Lets face it. They’re just regular ol’ popsicles that have the turtles slapped on the box. I haven’t gotten around to trying them all, as I feel like the kid in me (and lets be honest, all of us) immediately reach for the blue. While these again, are very run of the mill. I am still pretty pumped on these. I mean, it’s a popsicle man! I live in florida, which means I will most likely be scarfing one of these on the daily. If I am going to buy any sort of popsicle, it’s most likely going to be these.

Next up on our turtle 3 course meal, is another childhood staple, JELLO. Here we are again with a typical regular flavor with the turtles placed on the box. Back in the day, we had the same exact product, so no real big surprise here. I don’t if it’s due to the age, but this new box really pops! I feel like with the old one, I am looking at the inside of an 80’s McDonalds, in Jello form. It’s like, eat me I guess, if you like pastel colors. This new box, screams, BUY ME! MAKE ME! A lot of people don’t like the newer versions of the turtles. I’m on board with this new look, which is why I love the packaging on these. I have no intentions of actually making these flavors, even though their names are making it hard to pass on. They will be safely nestling next to it’s 90’s older brothers.

LAST and not least. CEREAL. It took me forever to find these. There have been a few reviews and write ups on this newest incarnation. Most of them giving this cereal and average rating. I was a bit scared to actually eat it, but man, am I glad I tried it. The best way for me to describe it, is a dulled down crunch berry. They’re a little big, and thick, but whatever. I’m not going to let it stop me from drenching them in milk and sending them sewer surfing down my stomach (and I guess eventually ACTUALLY sewer surfing. Yep, that was a poop joke). There’s lots of gripes and moans and groans, about how they miss the boring NINJA NETS (yawnnnnn) and want their marshmallows back. Personally. I will take colored matching turtle heads that make sense, then a plain old chex, sorry, NINJA NETS, with some marshmallow shaped distractions, almost ninja-ing how bad the cereal actually sucks as a cereal. People love to bitch, and please go ahead. I will be over here, eating my TMNT cereal out of my old school bowl, just HAPPY that there’s a cereal AT ALL. 

The box art is great, the flavor is there, and the TURTLES ARE BACK. Now who’s back do I have to scratch to make those turtle pies happen?

Stay Tuned tomorrow, where I review the new movie! tonight can’t come soon enough! partyyyyyyy!