This week I plan on writing a series of blogs. It’s looking like 3. One will be a review of the new movie. Another is going to be food products. Today’s, is t-shirts. No not my t-shirts, but official movie t-shirts.

I want to start this out by sort of getting the non sense rant out of the way. There’s a lot of people who are bitching, hating, complaining, and honestly wasting too much time HATING this movie, as well as the Ghostbusters movie. These 2 properties, are super important to me. It’s inspired me to be the person I am today. I think what makes this so great. Is the fact that another generation gets to feel the hype and the buzz of what I did when I was a kid. 30 years later, my son, your children, all get to feel the same excitement. There’s movies and things that as a parent, I am going to have to watch, and be forced to like. For once, I / we, have SOMETHING in which we don’t have to talk about what WE watched as a kid, and why OUR childhood was better. Instead, we get to share OUR’S with THEIR’S. I get to share a piece of my childhood with my son. 

The fact that because of these sequels and reboots, we get an experience. Not just a movie. We get food tie ins, new products, events, posters, you name it. WE GET IT. It’s like the lead up to Christmas, or Halloween. You start to see things hit the shelves. You get that feeling in your body and your heart. You start to relive past memories and look forward to new ones. And just like Christmas, you might not get everything you wanted. It's the excitement of tearing into that wrapped goodness. Surely, you got SOMETHING on your list. Might not be everything. It's about that build up, the experience, and the hype. That's what makes it.

This is more than just a movie(s) to me. This is like a time machine. I’ve waited 25 years to see Bebop and Rocksteady and Krang, and the Technodrome on the big screen. Yes, the original movie, is the movie of Ninja Turtle movies. It was The Dark Knight, before there was The Dark Knight. It was the perfect comic adaptation. Nothing will ever top that Shredder. If we spend our lives, comparing every single day or an experience, to the best one lived, we can expect nothing but disappointment, after disappointment. I am heading into this movie, expecting it to suck. That isn’t what is putting me in that theatre seat, (I’m sure more than once in the next 2 weeks). It’s that experience and knowing that I am getting what I have wanted since I was a little kid. Seeing a semi live action cartoon. Seeing the Bebop and Rocksteady, that I know, and will always know, up there, being bumbling goons. There’s been newer incarnations of these guys. Sure that’s great. It means new toys and seeing that character instead of fucking SNAKE WEED, or Spider Bites, and the other generic mutants they’ve created with the new show. We together, get to take a trip, back to the 90s and lose our minds and get lost in a non sensical adventure, just like the cartoons, but in 2016. 



That said, TIME TRAVEL! Part 1 of these blogs is about the newest t-shirts I found. There are a lot of misses, than hits. A lot of the same assets being used, but hey, who really cares? I picked up the best they had to offer. Mainly because they looked like shirts that would come out in the 90’s. The garment colors, the ink colors, the style. The Bebop and Rocksteady ones really hit this vibe, (LOOK AT THAT NEON YELLOW!). There’s only 2 shirts of these bunch that I can actually wear, (They're kid shirts). I picked these up, because it really hit home with me, and wanted to save them regardless if they would or wouldn’t be stretched across my oddly shaped body. These things look like something I would have worn, and worn proudly in my elementary school days. Walking down the hallway in my brightly colored shoes, crazy patterned shorts, and a trusty TMNT lunch box. I had to have them. As I said, a lot of these were either red, or green, or just flat out horrendously printed or aesthetically hurt my eyes. There’s a lot of cool options out there. I picked these up online, and in store. The more neon ones are from Target, and the more subtle ones (minus the colored mirage one, which is ADULT SIZED) are from Walmart. There’s actually another really great Old school TMNT one, I am hoping I get for my birthday, featuring a colored LEO from the old fan club merchandise.

I was really hoping for some other cool clothing products. Pajama pants, socks, shoes. Maybe in time. I got a peek at some new Halloween Costumes. This halloween, I got dibs on Bebop!

Be sure to check out all the new items that I released last week, as part of the new COWABUNGA COLLECTION! and read that blog as well. Click the link on top for the store and pick up some retro (mutagen) goodies!

See you tomorrow with Part 2 of my blog, FOOD! bossanova!