COWABUNGA Collection II : Mutant Mayhem

I don’t think I need to tell everyone or fill everyone in with my undying love for the Turtles. Since 2009, they have been a staple in the brand. So much that people might even call me a TMNT brand. It’s one of those “Yea yea yea we get it, you like Ninja Turtles”, sort of things. With each release, I try and trickle something in. At least 1 nod. But then there are chances like these, where you can just full on go nuts with it. We all know that there’s a new movie coming out in just DAYS, and I wanted to make something that showed my excitement.



I’ll briefly talk about the movie, as I feel like it should be touched on before I start talking about the new line. This movie is the movie we should have gotten after the 1st movie in 1990. It pissed so many kids that instead of Bebop and Rocksteady, that we got Tokka and Rahzar. Both characters, I love NOW, but at the time, man. You messed with the wrong kid. Let’s not even get into how they couldn’t AT LEAST call Professor Perry, Baxter Stockman. WHY WHY WHY WHYYYY? It’s all a wash now, because we get those missing puzzle pieces in this film. This movie is about the bad guys, so of course I wanted this line, to be about. THE BAD GUYS.



If it’s one thing I’ve learned, is people hate reading. So instead of talking about each piece, I’ll sort of give you the what could of been, and how it happened sort of write up.




Truthfully, the Part 1 poster, was pretty close to not happening. In April of this year, the worst thing that could ever happen to a creative / designer / anyone who relies on a computer, happened. My entire hard drive and career was wiped out. I was able to recover SOME but not all. I was going to redo the Part 2 poster from a few years ago. Make it screen printed. Improve it. Make it bigger. I’ll be honest, I really didn’t want to spend 2 days on a poster again. So I compromised into spending 1, and improving a favorite piece of mine. Well, I was put in a same spot of doing something new, or improving it anyway. Both meant starting fresh and all over. I decided to do a Part 1 instead. With this poster, I really wanted to focus on the colors of the film, which the best comparison I could think of, would be like an old Skatedeck. The reds, the greens, the black, the yellows. Almost Rastafarian. The other thing about the poster, is I wanted the sections, sort of facing their adversaries on opposite ends. The film is very New York driven. So I made sure there were hints of grit, graffiti, and a brick wall, which is subtly hidden in the background. 


The Shredder TV poster, was an idea I had for my friend Matt Tobin. He’s been super swamped and a big timer now, and didn’t seem too keen on the project, so I took it on. I do think that he would have done a better job, but I feel like I really nail the whole tv vibe, plus doing the Halloween III poster from last year, really made me want to try this one. This one had a bunch of touch ups and re-working involved. In this particular scene, you can’t even see Shredder. So I took some pieces from other spots of the film and recreated him. I also added some characters to the tv’s that you couldn’t see before, or never even existed in the first place. I wanted to put more scenes in, but they weren’t recognizable with all the static and such I implemented. The dagger screen is still there! Can’t forget that!


The Vibe, turtle sunset poster. Again, a good amount of work. I’m just waiting for the, “All you did was….” comments to come through. The turtles did about 6 different poses in this scene, where they declare that “It’s time to go back”. They were also blacked out, due to the sun setting behind them. So what I did, was sort of photographically wrong and not accurate. I retouched the lighting, added some organic flares, and really made this a summer looking photo poster. It looks like nothing went into, but it really wasn’t the case.


The other really cool poster of the bunch is the Decoder poster. Not sure if all you turtle freaks out there know / remember this. But they put random maps spread out on certain releases. When you put them all together, you got this poster. It’s impossible to get these things not folded. So I really wanted to make one for those who always wanted, or those who are just now finding out about it. It’s some horrible, crudely drawn figures, but that’s what makes it so great.



So the shirts. I again, won’t bore you with details of each one. I’ll just point out some notes. So the Tatsu shirt. That’s my baby. I had this idea for over a year and almost came out with it last summer but wanted to wait. Designed to look like a Foot Clan uniform from the 1990 film. I hand textured each shirt. I mean days went into these. I’m not sure I would ever do this again. I might try something similar for a different property or shirt. These take far too long. These shirts are $15 more than the normal shirts. But, there was a lot of time and effort put into it. With it most likely never coming back. You really are buying a rare, unique, one of a kind item. I own one, 2 of my friends picked one up, so theres 47 more left with your name on it.



Thug hoodies are back, now with his partner in crime. I know that not everyone is a fan of red, so here’s a roughed up gray option, featuring your favorite rhino henchman. I WILL NOT BE DOING THESE HOODIES AGAIN. I’m still working on them. They seriously take way too long to complete.




Space Cadet Raph, wanted to put this out for Alien Day. It was over saturated with crap that day, that I decided to wait. A continuation of the line this was part of, the first being Sewer Surfing Mikey. Could another turtle from this series pop up? MAYBBBBEEEEEE.



Paper cut. This one was a fun one for me. I literally scissor cut, and glue sticked this thing together. Xeroxed it, and colored it. There’s so much TMNT comic goodness. Super proud of how this came out. All by hand, no photoshop, except for the red parts and halftone dot additions.


GOLDBLUMMMM. 2 things about this sucker. 1, this was originally going to be a part 2 to the comic shirt I put out in 2013, with the turtles getting surrounded by mousers, AHHHH! In a sense, it still is, just not comic bookish. 2. This is a redo of the original one from 2009. Killing 2 birds.



PINHEADS! I don’t plan on doing much more of these things, seeing how everyone under the sun makes enamel pins now. I knew that when I was doing the hoodies again. I wanted to make the packaging way cooler and a throw back, since the original Pinhead backer is a nod to Toxic Crusaders.



Pillow / Slipmat. Again, this was something I wanted to do 2 years ago, just ran out of time. The problem when I do 1 idea, another pops up and another, and another. You just have to know your limits, and also mind your bank account. 2 years later, here we are and this sucker is AMAZING. Double sided and FARRRR OUTTTTTT. When I got the art in, and started looking at it. I knew I had to make a slip mat. I emailed merchline, “Can we do double sided?”, “Yep”. “Can we do Glow In The Dark?”, “Yep”. “SO CAN WE DO DOUBLE SIDED, GLOW IN THE DARK?!” Cowabunga, fuck yes we can. And here it is. Man. I just love this thing. I don’t own a record player anymore, but it’s officially my new mouse pad. 



I’ve got you covered this time around. New posters, new shirts, on colors, new washes, hand made items, hand textured items, glow in the dark items, OOZE TUBES, GOD I LOVE BEING A TURTLE! Did I say that out loud?



If I haven’t gotten bored, or taken a nap yet, be ready for the month of JUNE! Next Wednesday - Friday, (maybe Saturday too). I will be writing Turtle Themed blogs about new products that came out for the film. Things I bought. Things I found, and even my review of the film. It’s going to be totally tubular. 


Thanks again for all the support and I hope you enjoyed looking, reading, and hopefully buying all this amazing stuff, as much as I loved making it.


Til next week, dudes!