HalloWEEKly Blog 1: Decor

Those of you who follow me on social media, know how much I like to decorate for the holidays. I think I find more joy in going out and finding new pieces, than actually decorating. My mind is a weird one. I have one of those "Never Good Enough" ticks. I'll constantly tweak and move, and try this, and do that whole index finger / thumb chin tuck rest pose and over analyze every move I make. Halloween Jenga, if you will.

So before I dive into the photos galore, I figured I would talk about what the typical build up usually consists of. I try to stay away from peaking at anything Halloween wise until the Pumpkin Spice Latte comes back at the Bucks. I can't believe the amount of people posting finding things in July. Just crazy, you weirdos!

Truthfully, I'm sort of sick of seeing the same stuff every time I go to Target or Walmart. What doesn't make sense, is from about, August 30th, Until after Labor Day, I am salivating at the taste or a peek at anything spooky. Now I'm just like, fuck I want to make some treats and watch movies and carve my pumpkin. It's weird how my brain and routine works. 


I don't really have a check list or order of places to go. I tend to find that, Home Goods, IS the master of Halloween decor. It's the first place I go to. I go there A LOT, like, a ridiculous amount. They restock and add so so so much, so frequently, that. embarrassing enough, I try and hit EVERY Home Goods, in a good 1 hour radius. I would say 80% of my decor is from there.

If someone were to ask me what my taste is, it would have to be very "Pottery Barn" or very "HGTV" I like nice looking Halloween stuff. Actually, now that I think about it. I hate my brain. I can't tell you how many times that I wanted to do this super classy nice office to work out of. There's even been times, where I see dudes in nice dress shoes and button up shirts and I want to dress like that. But something kicks that little thought in my head and makes me realize that it isn't me. Yes, I like those things, but I want to wear t-shirts, and jeans, or I want to have posters and toys, bombarding my work space. But with decorating. I'm kind of serious. But when it comes to outside, if I had my way and had the space and didn't live in a deed restricted area, I would have inflatables everywhere and turn my house into a haunted house, if I could!

Which brings me to why I never go to Michaels. Now, it's kind of awesome, because my son can paint things, or find little crafts to do. He has his own mood table, which was inspired by Dinosaur Dracula's yearly ritual. Those projects now took over that table. Their decor, however, is very old lady-ish. Little battery powered houses and lands and scenery, just isn't for me. Not knocking those people who like it. Just sort of explaining my aesthetic. My feng shui, if you will.

Decorating with my son, has been a blast. He thinks decorating is lining things up for some reason. When I broke out the Halloween bins, filled with goodies. He started lining them up out on the grass. I posted a video of him throwing the plastic rats in the yard, yelling "Rats in the Grass!" repeatedly. What a goon.

We made those construction paper chains to countdown the days until Halloween, and put it on his creepy castle that we made together. Adding his kooky art projects to the decor, has been the highlight for me this year. Not only are the sentimental, but they look pretty damn awesome too! 

So, back to the ritual. So once Pumpkin Spice comes back. I make sure to hit Panera and get a pumpkin pie bagel and head to Home Goods. Afterwards, I check Michaels, even though I am expecting to be disappointed. Then Lowes and Home Depot for the outdoor stuff. Then Walmart, and of course, the ever lagging Target. I do this every weekend for the month of September. I switch out the home improvement stores with a Halloween store, or another Home Goods, every other week. 

Every single year, it's the same thing with Target. Yet every year I act surprised by it. The rule of thumb, is usually, they keep their Back to School stuff out until the weekend after Labor day. So mid September is when they do their roll out and boy do they take their sweet ass time to get everything out. It's such a "white people problems", type scenario. But when I walk in, just ACHING to at least see some candy, and I turn the corner and still see folders and glue sticks, I want to spin kick the display of back packs down, and show that sucker who's boss.

But when they finally get it all out, it's like "I could never leave you Target" and you hug every aisle. This year was the best year in a long long time. Practically everything they put out was magical. 2 years before this one, they did the same pumpkin shit, and the gold clip art looking stuff on black. I just wanted to make snow angels on everything. Which means the next 2 years will probably be the same stuff. As long as they revamp the displays, I'd be ok with that. Sick of seeing that spider since 2014. GET OUTTA HERE SPIDER!

Speaking of disappointments, quick tip for all of you still shopping for items. Stay away from any orange light at Walmart. They are so so so dull. Purple and green are where it's at. I was planning on using the orange all over the place inside lanterns and skulls and candle holders and had to return them all. BEWARE!

Another disappointment this year was the lack of Halloween storage containers. What gives stores?! How am I supposed to load up with more stuff this year, if I can't even put it anywhere?! And Pottery Barn, who I only visit on Halloween and Christmas time, HAD NOTHING this year. Like a small little display table, when the store is usually decked out. 2ND YEAR IN A ROW! C'mon PB, C'mon!

For the past 3-4 years now, foam tombstones were the go to, easiest accessible decoration. They had light up ones, talking ones, motion censored ones. This year NOTHING. They might be the most annoying and stressful decoration piece for outdoors, but dammit if they aren't beautiful. I can't tell you how many times, they just blow over, and I am constantly propping them back up. I need more. MORE! MORE! MOREEEEE!

I love decorating the house and setting the mood for an entire month, and watching it transform at night when watching spooky movies. I'm also a man, who can admit and be comfortable enough to admit, that I.... Have a candle problem.

It's the classic go to decoration. So simple, and they smell amazing. I mean who doesn't love Pumpkin Spice Roasted Marshmallow, or Pumpkin Banana Bread French Toast? Say you don't, you liar! I dare you!

Only downside to all this darkness meets lights and candles galore, is it's super hard to photograph. BOOOOO! So I apologize for some lack of quality in the photos. The constant sunny and then gloomy lighting didn't help matters much either.

I wanted to talk about all the best things I found this year, but I thought it would be best to save that for a "Best of Halloween 2016" post. Which will come at the end of the month. I still have time to stumble across new finds! If you find something cool, be sure to show me via social media. I do feel the need to break the rules a little bit and leave you with probably my favorite decor piece of the year. THIS AMAZING SKELETON GHOST candy bowl. AHHHHH!

Stay Tuned next week for the second blog and make sure you check out the NEW HALLOWEEN DROP over at the shop. Until next time creeps!