New, New, and New

The wait…is…OVER! No I’m not talking about Comic Con! I’m talking about the new summer drop, DUDEEEE! This has been a long time in the making. What’s different this go around, is much different than the past. As you can see, new site, new store, new EVERYTHING. It’s been the most stressful release to date. There’s a lot of puzzle pieces that come into play to make the big picture, and a lot of the pieces weren’t given to me, until literally 2 days ago! Nuts!  I had a vision for the new site for quite some time now, and it’s pretty rewarding to see it come to be. I am super happy with the new look. While, I didn’t do too many shirt designs this time around, I busted my butt on everything else. Look book shots, photo shoots, new site, new store, packaging, assembling. While it might not be the coolest jobs, they were the most important. So, instead of talking about the new site, I’ll just let you SNOOOP AROUNDDDDD, and see it for yourself. The mailing list feature isn’t live yet, so please be patient. Everything is brand spankin’ new. I wanted to put up a behind the scenes section, which shows some cool shots that I took of the process and these shirts coming to life. Every line, I will be sure to update that section. So that’s a cool little feature to look forward to. Now, some of you may or may not know this, but, my collages that I make, (with the exception of the EZ convention set up), are all done by hand. I always lay things out on a table or a floor and shoot it myself. It’s so much fun. That’s now the new header for the store, site, and Facebook.


STORE! New store. Super simple, but super cool. I wanted to sort of BLAST you in the face with colors, with a super simple, and eye catching layout. Again, I won’t talk about it too much, I’ll let you browse around, and of course, BUY SOME THANGS!

New Line! No, not the film company, the new summer spectacular! My favorite thing I had my hands on this line, besides the collage that I made, is this custom Bebop inspired hoodie. The idea came about on Free Comic Book Day, while in line to enter the comic book store, I just read about **SPOILERS** Bebop and Rocksteady kill Donatello in the comic books. **END SPOILERS** I was shocked to hear about this, as Donnie, was my favorite turtle. I wanted to pay tribute to my favorite Turtle, and Turtle Villain. I wanted to load this thing up with easter eggs. There’s a button that sets up Donnie’s Fate, I hand did the text that was printed on the chest, that also is a sign of things to come, and at the same time, is a flag on the Footcruiser, which features my favorite box art of all time. The Sid button, a nod to the first TMNT film, and a skull button, which resembles the skull charm on Bebop’s necklace on the action figure. The back features an amazing Foot Clan back patch, which is inspired by the comic books. Now, let’s get down to the details of body of this hoodie. I wanted to get my hands dirty on this product, in the most literal sense. I cut the sleeves off each hoodie, put holes in it, textured it, gritted it up and made each and every one different.  Some have more holes, some have more texture. These things are awesome. I am beyond excited on the outcome of these bad boys. They are super duper limited. Only 25 made. 5 per size, and won’t be restocked until next year. These things took 2 days to complete. My office was covered in little balls of red fleece. Even the darkest corners of my office STILL have little pieces hanging out, as little reminders of how grueling, but rewarding it was to make these suckers.  I know some of you will groan and complain about the hefty price tag, but you have to keep in mind, these are all done by hand, all different, all rare. This wasn’t made by a factory or a machine, it was made by myself, and lots of time and care and thought went into this. Good luck to those out there who are trying to nab one!



The other pieces I created, were the crazy, nutty, all over sublimation shirts. While, it they look like just a quick grab from a scene from the movie, but, SURPRISE! It isn’t! The awesome thing about the Scotty shirt, is the beer can. What’s so special about it? The BEER! I took all the spray from all the frames, and put them together, to look like this massive GUSH of beer, instead of a stream as it appears if you look at one single frame. The other cool thing, is in this scene, he’s not even wearing sunglasses, WHATTTTT?! The Toxic Dump Dude, is another mish mash of stills. In the scene, he’s convulsing, so it’s sort of hard to grab shots where it isn’t out of focus. This is actually 6 different still, to make the one solid image.So while, these might not look crazy impressive, it wasn’t as simple as, oh, here you go, slap this on a shirt.


Instead of talking about each individual shirt and what it means to me, (We’d be here all damn day and by the time you finished, everything would be sold out!) I’ll just throw out some notes and thoughts behind everything. Not sure if you guys have noticed, or read about it from me in the past, but this is the first line in 2 years wasn’t THEMED. Since October 2013, things have been massively themed release wise. Glow in the Dark line, Robocop line, TMNT line, Wrestling Lines, Friday the 13th lines. It really just labeled myself and the brand as _________ brand. That’s not what Electric Zombie is about, but the dates and releases of those themes, sort of just fell into my lap and worked out perfectly. But now that dust has settled and now focus has been made. What is Electric Zombie? It’s a pop culture brand. It’s any certain theme or thing. It’s easily confused and of course, I am to blame for this. I had to sort of gather my thoughts and just BAM! show everyone what it is that I and the brand are about. This is my most fun and random line to date. I am extremely proud and excited to some things key themes from my child hood and give that fun summer twist. It was also a lot of fun to do some original ideas, that hit home with my inner pizza loving fat kid, and the old pre teen skater kid. As a little Kyle, 2 movies from the 80’s stuck with me more than any others, and that was Robocop and Teen Wolf. God I love Teen Wolf. With it being the 30th Anniversary, it made sense to pay tribute. 2 tees and a Glow in the Dark Pinhead. PINHEADS! This will be an ongoing thing each line. I am thinking of going back and looking through past EZ designs and seeing if there’s anything good I can put out there, for all you new Pinhead fans out there. I didn’t want to join the band wagon, from the get go, I wanted to wait until that fire died down. It seems like everyone nowadays is doing them, so I wanted to jump in and put my ideas out there, before they were all outdone and made me look like the copy cat.


Sequel to SNACKER! I always had a plan to do this sequel to everyone’s favorite EZ evil mogwai design. What happens after he has his midnight snack? NOW YOU KNOW! VIDEO GAMES! I didn’t play much video games as a kid. The most I ever played them was when I was 5 and Nintendo had just come out. That thing was magical. The most played game besides TMNT arcade, was Bart vs the Space Mutants. When I was little, my Uncle Mike was my hero. He was like my best friend and this was HIS game we used to play all the time. I didn’t realize it at the time, but, this is the coolest homage to They Live that ANYONE has ever done. I hadn’t seen They Live, until 20 years after Bart came out, so it was essential that I do a design, just because it was one of the only games I played and how much I loved they live. I’m also obsessed with Glow in the Dark, so it was a must do!


This new line is slammed with throwbacks to my past, and rehashes of older designs, continuing stories of older designs. Brighter colored t-shirts. Literally something for everyone. This is just a sign of things to come. I know this is coming out in the middle of summer, so snag it up and wear it while it’s still here. It’s only a matter of time before we submerge ourselves in everything pumpkin and gear up for Halloween, which, now that this is out and finally released, I have to start planning for that. It’s going to be good boys and ghouls, trust me! Be sure to follow me on social media (if you don’t already) and let me know what you think of this release / site / store / what your favorite pizza is ! It’s my favorite by far! Let’s party!

Your Fiend,