Friday the 13th Part 3?! No no no, not the movie!

What is this like the 3rd Friday the 13th this year? Holy smokes! I didn’t want to do a crazy Jason overkill this year, (oh puns!) so I thought I would spice it up with a little bit of old and a little bit of new and a little bit of new old.


I know I usually break down the releases and talk about what went into it, inspiration, and all of that. But this time I’m just going to talk about whats back and the little things that are new. So here we go. Break down time. Here’s what’s being restocked and isn’t new.


- 0013 in both regular and Powerglove versions

- Manhattan baseball shirts

- Woodsman Dead Heads in both regular and Powerglove versions

Now here’s what’s new but not really new.


Lurker Tee and Baseball shirts. This is a design that is 4 years oldand I decided to bring back. It’s been updated and redrawn. A little more detailed and mess cartoonie. More creepy and bloody and just as awesome. I have been waiting for the red sleeved / black bodied baseball shirts to come back in stock for almost a year. I planned on using them on the first round of Friday the 13th Releases, and FINALLY! They’re in stock and now on your body! The wait has paid off!


Uno (part 1) poster. This was done earlier in the year for a convention that had 1 year and then nothing else. I heard nothing but bad things from people who vended or attended the event. The event owners asked me to work on a some posters and as time went on the amount of posters that needed artwork got lower and lower. Friday the 13th was going to be a 100% lock, because the event was happening that weekend and there was a panel and reunion / signing as the star of the show. As I said, things got sour, and I didn’t end up doing the event. I was supposed to get artist copies and that never happened. After hearing about the disaster, I decided to put out the poster anyway, as I was promised something and was never delivered it. It’s one of my favorite posters I’ve done. I felt like I needed to take an old school approach to it and really wanted to make something that would have come out at the time, opposed to the normal collage style I do.


The other newish poster is a redesign of sorts for Jason Lives. I did this poster almost 3 years ago and wanted to do something different because I loved the way Uno came out, and I had just finished the packaging for New Found Glory’s “One More Round”, which has a japanese style look and feel, but much much cleaner. I wanted to make this the theme for this redo and do a japanese VHS import of the poster. It’s super gritty and I love the new additions.



The last thing to cover is the Powerglove Pinhead. I had the Dead Head artist / modeler, Scumbag, do the 8bit logo revamp and I laid it out and obviously made it look like a video game screen that got into a car accident with the box art. This pin is super cool. If you look at it under a black lite, it looks like the original Jason Mask, white and red. It glows in the dark, which really sets this thing off. I wanted the packaging to be consistent with the Pinheads, but the opportunity to do something new and special for this occasion, was a no brainer. It’s rough because I realllllyyyy love the default Pinhead packaging, but I think with themed lines, I might roll with all new packaging, with the same sort of look.


I apologize for not making this filled with excitement and info, but hey, I’ve talked about this stuff already! Plus I’m still recovering from all the Halloween awesomeness I put out 5 weeks ago, whicccchhhh you can still grab now!


Loads of cool things in the pipeline and will be filling you guys all in soon about that. Be sure to join the mailing list, follow me on social media (links on the site) and buy something already, or JASON WILL GETCHA!


Your Fiend,