30…FRIGGIN’ years. I can’t believe that my favorite Elm Street movie turned 30 a few weeks ago. To me, the most memory etched, influential horror movie from my childhood. I have discussed this many times over Electric Zombie’s 10 years of existence. I was born and lived on Elm Street the first 5 years of my life. Being born in 1983, you can imagine how much of a big deal this was for me, and literally anyone who lived on my street of a boring, lack luster town in nowheresville, Illinois. Freddy has, and always will be a big piece of me. (He’s INSIDEEEE MEEEE) I had planned for this release for almost 7 months. I knew that it was going to be a big one for me. I had a lot of these ideas locked in and mapped out about a year, or even the Taryn one, was an idea I had 6 years ago. I can’t believe I sat it for so long. There were 100% shoe in’s from the start. I knew I wanted to redo the Tetanus design, which was first released in 2010, in the summer and had a back print. I originally wanted to make a faux tour shirt with all the cities that the movie premiered in in 1987, deciding against it at the last minute. I wanted to revisit the Slasher hoodie from 2012, and went in a completely different direction. I didn’t want to make a line full of rehash of older things. I wanted to branch out and do something new, something that wouldn’t be a complete eyesore. Something that didn’t look like it came from a Spirit Halloween store, as a shitty knockoff Freddy Costume. I wanted to make something I would be proud of and customers would be excited to wear. Like my past blogs, I plan on going all over the place with this write up. I figured I would talk about the ups and downs and what into the release, as well as inspiration and ideas came. 

So grab a pillow, and lets dive in!